Andrey Feldshteyn was born in Leningrad, Russia.
Graduated from Leningrad Aircraft Instruments Institute. Worked as a computer programmer.
In 1974 he entered the Studio of Poster and Cartoon and later joined the Leningrad Cartoon Club. In the late 70's the Cartoon Club became in a sense a center of underground humoristic art. At that time in Russia it was a unique art phenomenon. The artists looked for the new way to express themselves, they developed a specific graphic language.
In 80's Andrey was a regular cartoon contributor to the local press. His works started to appear around the country, and later abroad (Germany, Israel, Bulgaria etc).
In 1989 Andrey accepted a position of Art Editor in the House of Humor and Satire. From 1991 till the departure to the USA he was the art director in the children newspaper "Five Corners". At the same time he edited the humor column in "Neva Time".

From 1993 lives in the USA.
His latest feature is a weekly single cartoon "HELLOGOODBYE."
He illustrates books, comics, writes short stories.
In 2003 Andrey was awarded a Grand Prize at the International Cartoon Contest in the USA. His works are also kept in the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

He is the author of the independent project CARTUNION – the International Cartoonists’ Forum.
1988, Moscow. "Masters of Soviet Cartoon."
1988, Berlin. "Kein unbeshribenes Blatt. Cartoons aus Leningrad."
1984 - Vilnus. Honorary Diploma at the semiannual exhibition of Baltic Cartoons.
1988 - Odessa. 3-rd Prize at the Russian Cartoon competition
1989 - Saint Petersburg. Special Prize at the humor show "Very 89".
2003 - Silverton, USA. Grand Prize at the Annual Homer Davenport International Cartoon Contest
2003 - Seoul, Korea. Fifth Prize at the 12th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest
2004 - Minneapolis, USA. Award of Excellence at the Spring Hopkins Art Center Show
2004 - Moscow, Russia. Honorary Diploma at the Moscow international cartoons contest "My Family"
2005 - Saint Petersburg, Russia. Third Prize and Public Prize at the International cartoons contest "Beware Nazism!"
2006 - Tel-Aviv, Israel. Third Place at the Israeli anti-Semitic cartoons contest
2006 - Ottawa, Canada. Award of Excellence at the 6th International Editorial Cartoon Competition
2006 - Seoul, Korea. Best Cartoon Prize (Honorable Mention) at the 15th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest
2006 - Saint Petersburg, Russia. Second Prize at The International Political Poster and Cartoon Competition "Watch Out, Femida!"
2007 - Moscow, Russia. Special Prize at The The Novye Izvestiya International Cartoon Contest “We don’t see the world in black and white.”
2008 - Seoul, Korea. Best Cartoon Prize (Honorable Mention) at the 17th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest "Tradition and Future"

The following museums have Andrey Feldshteyn's works:
Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, USA,
Museum of Printing-Press in Porto, Portugal,
Humour Cartoon & Comic Museum in Minos, Uruguay.
The Museum of Nonconformist Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia.