Below is a listing of awards for cartooning and graphic art given to cartoonist Andrey Feldshteyn.

1984 - Vilnus. Honorary Diploma at the semiannual exhibition of Baltic Cartoons.
1988 - Odessa. 3-rd Prize at the Russian Cartoon competition
1989 - Saint Petersburg. Special Prize at the humor show "Very 89".
2003 - Silverton, USA. Grand Prize at the Annual Homer Davenport International Cartoon Contest
2003 - Seoul, Korea. Fifth Prize at the 12th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest
2004 - Minneapolis, USA. Award of Excellence at the Spring Hopkins Art Center Show
2004 - Moscow, Russia. Honorary Diploma at the Moscow international cartoons contest "My Family"
2005 - Saint Petersburg, Russia. Third Prize and Audience Prize at the International cartoons contest "Beware Nazism!"
2006 - Ottawa, Canada. Award of Excellence at the 6th International Editorial Cartoon Competition
2006 - Seoul, Korea. Best Cartoon Prize (Honorable Mention) at the 15th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest
2006 - Saint Petersburg, Russia. Second Prize at The International Political Poster and Cartoon Competition "Watch Out, Femida!"
The following museums have Andrey Feldshteyn's works:
Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, USA,
Museum of Printing-Press in Porto, Portugal,
Humour Cartoon & Comic Museum in Minos, Uruguay,
The Museum of Nonconformist Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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