Going to various galleries and being able to experience different mediums of art is really interesting and is considered by some as one of life's greatest pleasures. It doesn't matter if you are in England and are at a gallery you found on a free stuff uk website or if you are in France and happen to come across one when you are wandering around. What is important is that you are experiencing different types of art and enjoying yourself.

April, 2010
The group exhibition at the local SpotArt gallery .

Open from April 2nd till May 8th.
Some photos from opening.

March, 2010
Personal exhibition at the
Minneapolis Sabes Jewish Community Center.

The show is a part of the 1st Minneapolis Jewish Humor Festival.
More than 40 works were on display. Some photos from the gallery..

December, 2006
The International Cartoon Exhibition in memory of Anna Politkovskaya is now online!

The last CARTUNION initiative was the International Cartoon Exhibition in memory of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.
Welcome to visit it at

July 8, 2006
The CartoonBlues.com forum is up and running!

Finally I added my small screw to the World Communication Machine...
The CartoonBlues.com forum is open, and now you can say me everything.
Welcome to visit it at

May 28, 2006
The largest Cartoon Contest list ever...

It is like gambling... Some people are spending weekends in casino, some are sending cartoons to the various contests...
After some considerations I decided to give a hand to the fellow gamblers. There is a new page on my site, totally devoted to the cartoon competitions around the globe:

May 3, 2006
National Press Club Press Freedom Awards of Canada International Editorial Cartoon Competition.

The theme of the 6th International Editorial Cartoon Competition was "Cartooning in a dangerous environment": to illustrate the pressure under which cartoonists perform their craft: the "chill" of a potential libel suit, the temptation of self-censorship, and security, political, economic and/or editorial constraints to artistic expression.
Prizes: three Prizes and ten Awards of Excellence were given.
Please click here to see the winning cartoons: Press Freedom Awards

April 28, 2006
A short business trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I spent a week in Saint Petersburg, meeting with friends, relatives, visiting museums, emptying bookstores...
A brief report is here: Piter 2006

March 24, 2006

The Lutefisk Sushi Volume B show will be happening March 24th at Creative Electric Studios!
Check out the amazing mini-site from Big Time Attic and Ken Avidor
for more details.

March 18, 2006 - Apr 26, 2006

What is really so sinful about music, poetry, art, and film? Admittedly, there is a little nudity… and a drop or two of blood… and a few "interesting" perspectives on the 7 most deadly… Truly, with more than 40 artists, filmmakers, poets, musicians, and actors from around the world showing their own perspectives on "sin," you're bound see a few of them colouring outside the lines. Surrounded by more than 100 scandalously gorgeous instances of art, can you blame us for being excited? We can't help but encourage you to take a bite! Consequences be damned - we are pleased to invite - no, we are pleased to entice you to attend Altered Esthetics' newest group exhibit: The Art of SIN.

The Art of Sin opens on March 18, 2006, featuring an eclectic collection of film, poetry, sculpture, painting, photography, and performance art from over 40 local and international artists.

The Art of Sin is part of ART ON QUINCY
Art on Quincy is a collaboration of artists located in 3 buildings on Quincy St. in the northeast Minneapolis Arts District For more information please visit www.artonquincy.com

Altered Esthetics is located on the 2nd floor of the Quincy St. Studios building in Northeast Minneapolis
1300 quincy st ne
minneapolis mn 55413
(612) 378-8888

Feb 14, 2006

Israeli group organized an anti-Semitic cartoons contest!
It has been a great success. The announcement reached hundreds of blogs and news sites and from there to dozens of newspapers, TV networks and radio all over the world, from Russia to Brazil. Thousands of e-mail messages arrived and around 150 cartoons have been submitted.
One Australian and two Americans (one of them was me) became winners of this extraordinary contest.
More details are here: Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest

Nov 4, 2005 - Dec 4, 2005
“NOTA BENE, Nazism!”

"NOTA BENE NAZISM!" is now in Saharov's Museum and Public Center

Nov 1, 2005
"The First Raindrop"

"The First Raindrop" is a children's book by Sidney Goldberg (text) and Andrey Feldshteyn (art.)
It was finally completed and is waiting for a good publisher.
As we also are.

Oct 8-9, 2005
Minnesota's Premier Comic Convention.

Some photos from Convention.

Jun 21, 2005
Jungle Red Art Gallery

Jungle Red Salon & Gallery kindly offered its walls for my small exhibition.

Jun 11-12, 2005
Spot On Festival

The Spot On Fair was part of the Spot On: The Art of Zines and Graphic Novels gallery show that has been at Minnesota Center for Book Arts since April 9th. It has recieved some favorable reviews.
I presented the "Luckiest Girl" comic, what is a chapter from graphic novel Kvell by Sidney Goldberg.
It was a nice festival, even though the artists outnumbered the visitors. There was local TV, and a few interesting discussions: Craft of Cartooning: Tips and tricks from Cartoonists; Cartoonists and their influences; Tom Cassidy; Mini-Comics: the Art of Making Comic Books by Hand.

At the end of the show a fellow-artist called my art "subversive, but in a good way."
Can somebody explain what the heck does it mean?? :)

Jun 5, 2005
Caution Nazism!

This work won a Third Prize at the International Anti-Nazi Cartoon Contest in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The organizers received 314 drawings from 29 countries (Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA.)

An article in Neva Time about the exhibition (in Russian.)

May 24, 2005

The best cartoons and caricatures from all the world. The exclusive and special show by FanoFunny dedicated to the Pope, the church and the religion!

Apr 20, 2005
Drawn together

By Anna Pratt

Skyway News, a local Minneapolis newspaper, published an article about the Cartoonist Conspiracy group.
A mirror of the article on my site.

Apr 15, 2005
A major change in site design and content. It changed its color, atmosphere, and... No, the owner is still the same.
Here is the list of added features:
editorial cartoons, washes, illustrations, icon view.
Please check the gallery.

Jan 14, 2005

Reaktiv Zone, an underground art organization, kindly offered
its web space for my new HELLOGOODBYE comics.
HELLOGOODBYE is a weekly single panel feature.
It is a pensive journey of naive and humble characters.

A cartoon in free flight - that was my original goal. Trying to approach
this ideal model I limited my work time to 15 min per cartoon.

Here are links to the last HELLOGOODBYE issue:
A duplicate image is located on my site:

Hey, another cartoon just flew away from my table!..

Dec 6, 2004
Holiday Collection

MNArtists.org has invited local celebrities to curate a collection of gifts from the work on mnartists.org. Participants include: Minneapolis Mayor, R.T. Rybak; Star Tribune columnist, C.J.; WCCO newscaster, Mark Rosen; Rake columnist and performer, Colleen Kruse; Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine collumnist and chef about town, Andrew Zimmern; Soo VAC founder and curator, Suzy Greenberg; and Walker Art Center Performing Arts Guru and local taste maven, Diana Kim.

Mr. Andrew Zimmern kindly chose one of my cartoons. In his statement he wrote:
"Andrey’s cartoons are wonderful…these are great gifts for the child-like adult in your life."

Oct 8, 2004 through Nov 28, 2004
The Art of Democracy: Tools of Persuasion

"Art of Democracy: Tools of Persuasion" was an open call for Minnesota artists to express their political opinions through original works of art in an exhibition coinciding with the 2004 presidential election. Some of my cartoons (Liberation, Genie etc) were accepted for the exhibition at the Minnesota Artists Gallery (The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.)

Nov 3, 2004
"My Family"
The Jury of the Moscow international cartoons contest congratulated me with the Honorable Diploma.
Please click this "elephant" for details.

Oct 17, 2004
These grey October days were brightened by the incredible
2004 Festival of Cartoon Art. Please click here for my detail report

Oct 3, 2004
The Lutefisk Sushi Show is over, extra info is here:

Here are 2 pages from my new comic book, displayed at the Lutefisk Sushi Show:

Art-a-whirl 2004
My summer show at SpotArt Gallery
is over. Please wait for the new announcement.