"My Family"
Moscow Culture Committee, the Moscow Fund of preservation of culture, magazine "New Crocodile" carry out within the framework of the Second Moscow Open Festival of Humour The Moscow international cartoons contest

According to one of the Jury members more than 2000 works from 55 countries arrived.
Some moments from the festival:

Two cartoons I have sent to the contest.
The one with the wall was honored.

Terms and conditions
1. A theme
"My family"
The theme is treated in a broad sense: " my family " is real family, and - all humanity, mutual relations between the nations and the countries, social, economic, political problems of a modern society.
2. Prizes:
The first award - 90 000 RR (Russian rubles), (about US$ 3,000)
The second award - 60 000 RR, (about US$ 2,000)
The third award - 30 000 RR, (about US$ 1,000)
There will be also the special prizes from the sponsors and the cultural organizations.
3. Dead line (on a postage stamp) on October, 1, 2004.

According Miroslaw Hajnos the winners are:

First prize: Juri Ochakovsky, Izrael
Second prize: Ross Tompson, GB,
Third prize: Slava Bibishev, Tatarstan, Russia

Special Prize of Jury:
- "In Memoriam Vladimir Ivanov": Vladimir Burkin, Russia,
- "In Memoriam Vitalij Peskov": Viktor Skrylev, Russia,
- "In Memoriam Vasilij Dubov": Marco Sanbo, Belgium,
- "In Memoriam Oleg Tesler": Li Xian Young, Cina,
- "In Memoriam Garif Basyrov": Nikolaj Kratzin, Russia,
- "In Memoriam Valerij Tzemzov": Irina Maksimenko, Russia

Honor Diploms:
Bartlomiej Trzos, Poland,
Ikhson Dwiono, Indonesia,
Sasha Dimitrijevic, Serbia,
Lu yan Chur, China,
Richard and Slavomir Svitalsky, Czech republic,
Taeyong Kang, S.Korea,
Sergey Sichenko, Izrael,
Muittin Koroglu, Turkey,
Feldshtein Andrey, USA,
Kudin Viktor, Ukraine

Special Prize of "The News" newspaper:
Richard and Slavomir Svitalsky, Czech republic

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